Now It Starts to Get Real

Once construction gets under way, preparation for opening gets underway in earnest.  And there’s a lot to do!  Thankfully, our team knows just what you need.

Throughout this period, we’re helping you monitor construction, helping you with any troubleshooting needs, and adjusting timelines as may be necessary.

The construction process is flanked with detailed planning on four key fronts:

  1. People
  2. Products
  3. Place
  4. Pricing & Promotion

These “4 P’s”

Recruiting & Training (People)

If you plan to manage your location, we begin training you for that role.  If you prefer to be an off-site owner, we help you recruit and train your management team.

Once you have your leadership team in place, we help you recruit the best available providers for the hair salon, nail salon, spa (massage therapists and aestheticians), and your front-of-house and support personnel.

Equipping & Inventory (Products & Place)

As your construction nears its end, we work with you to properly equip your location, get your initial inventory established, install POS and other critical business support technology, website, gift cards, and everything you’ll need to be ready to open and greet customers.

Marketing (Pricing & Promotion)

Our marketing team works with you to establish superior “findability” with a thorough digital footprint, website, social media platforms.  We also provide tools for your providers to invite their existing customers to their new workplace.  And we begin targeting your key geographic service area to identify your best potential customers and begin telling them the brand story of A Moment’s Peace so that they desire to be there as quickly as you get open.

As you get open and begin maturing, we help you focus on optimizing seasonal sales opportunities like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day.