A Moment’s Peace Salon & Day Spa offers a full-service vs category killer franchise model with superior business performance and flexibility over time.

Full-Service Vs “Category Killer”

“Category Killer” franchises come and go.  And within the salon and day spa industries there are several “category killer” choices like Massage Envy, SuperCuts, Waxing the City, Merle Norman, and Aveda.  These companies often suggest that category focus is a strength; yet, they are now working hard to bolt on new revenue streams that don’t come naturally to their existing footprints (which were designed to do one thing, and do it well).

So-called “category killers” are now scrambling to bolt on new revenue streams to sustain growth.  Unfortunately, they’re not designed to do that.  And when you’ve spent so much effort building your brand around the concept of doing just ONE thing, doing it well, when you suddenly shift gears you’re confusing consumers who have come to associate your brand with ONE line of service.

Larger, More Flexible Location Design

Our larger store footprint and the flexible design of our spaces means your franchise readily adapts to changes in trends, services, or other disruptive factors.  This allows you to evolve as new trends emerge in the salon and spa industries.  A great example of this is that massage and skin care treatment rooms easily flex back and forth as demand shifts, whether by day, seasonally, or any other trends you recognize.  That keeps rooms productive and generating profit all the time.

And since customers expect A Moment’s Peace Salon & Day Spa to be a leader in trends, the flexibility to easily introduce new products and services is key to our consistent revenue growth.

Offering customers the full breadth of personal care and beauty services allows you to see customers more frequently, increase the value of each visit, and grow the relationship with each customer over time.

Ten Distinct Services Under One Roof

Diversity of revenue streams has been a real strength for A Moment’s Peace, and since the brand has been developed with that sort of breadth our business model is more adaptable to new service offerings as trends evolve.